vecThe Eastern Ozarks Amateur Radio Club is proud to be able to offer all levels of testing for your amateur radio license. Testing is offered prior to the monthly meetings held on the second Saturday of each month, usually beginning at 12 noon at the Bonne Terre Fire Department with advance notice so we can assure enough Volunteer Examiners of the correct level.

The tests are taken from a publicly available question bank that is updated every 4 years. The Technician class license (the entry level license) requires 74% of the test questions to be answered correctly on a 35-question test. The next level of license, the General, requires the same pass rate with the same number of questions. The final level at this time, the Extra Class license, requires a 74% minimum grade on a 50-question test.

Testing costs are $35.00 per attempt, and successful completion will result in a license being issued which is good for 10 years. You never have to test again unless you want to move up the ladder of licensing. The EOARC offers the test-until-you-fail testing method. It is possible to walk in to a test session for a technician exam, pay your $35, and walk out with an Extra license. If, by chance, you do not successfully pass your test, you may attempt up to three more attempts in the same day, but each attempt will cost you $35.

Since you have nothing to lose, and it doesn't cost you any extra, it is always recommended to attempt the next level of testing, if for no other reason than to see what is on the test.

EOARC's volunteer examiners are:

Lee Bishoff          AC0ZZ      Extra Class

Steven Nichol      N0RSN     Extra Class

Francis Basler     KE0BZK    Extra Class

Ben Townsend    W1TBM     Extra Class

Matt Krause         N0SDK     General Class

Rick Myers           N0YME     General Class

The pools of questions run from around 450 for the Technician and General, to around 650 questions for the Amateur Extra. The question banks posted are formatted with only the correct answer given. This way you are not studying the incorrect possibilities. WARNING: When you print them, they are between 50 and 70 pages each.




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